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Barbados is a tropical island of paradise proportions! Lapped and gently licked by the balmy Caribbean on the west coast of the island, the rugged east coast is washed by the Atlantic, giving a sharp contrast between idyllic sugar sand beaches on one hand and an indented west coast where the surf is high. The south and west coast of the island is more developed for tourism.

Barbados is a small, compact coral and limestone island measuring only 21 miles long and 14 miles wide. Being close to the equator, the climate is superb with approx 3,000 hours of sunshine annually where sundown comes early and the spectacular sunsets are celebrated almost like a daily miracle. Barbados' beaches are truly stunning and fit the quintessential image of a tropical heaven where the sand is like talcum powder, the twinkling turquoise sea is crystal clear and the palms sway perfectly, just like the postcards.  A great array of watersports is available on most of the beaches, just in case the lure of the sunbed loses its attraction.

Blessed with lush and verdant foliage, the island interior has a suprising diversity of scenery and the highest point, Mount Hillaby, rises to more than 1,000 feet. The beautiful old Plantation Houses, historic sugar mills, potteries, a flower forest, observatory, an aquatic centre, lighthouse and an abbey are some of the distractions which can be explored. The British influence on Barbados is strong with the Kensington Oval hallowed sports ground, a love of cricket and even Trafalgar Square which pre-dates the London monument!

Barbados' capital, Bridgetown, is a lovely city (and the duty free centre of the Caribbean) with good shops, colourful local markets and wonderfully friendly people. The Bajans are warm, hospitable and charming. The way of life is slow and ponderous where the languid temperatures dictate the pace. Fall into the rhythm and fall in love with Barbados. It's really easy. 

Barbados holidays are a delight to experience the tropics first-hand and enjoy a taste of the Caribbean that is everything you might imagine and more!

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