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Holidays in Jamaica are incredibly colourful, fun, different, definitely quite exotic and absolutely exciting. A Jamaica holiday is a Caribbean experience unlike any other. This Caribbean island is totally unique and has a flavour that is all its own. 

You may be surprised that your holiday in Jamaica is surrounded by such rich and fertile foliage and the abundant tropical trees, coconut palms, glistening fronds of Cordyline and succulent spears of aloe vera cover the island like a thick blanket. The island of Jamaica is large and the capital, Kingston, remains very local without a lot of tourist traffic. The famous Blue Mountains form the spine of the island and are renowned for producing high quality coffee beans and superb coffee.

Enjoying one of the liveliest cultures in all of the Caribbean, the haunting music of Bob Marley started the amazing reggae trend which has has a worldwide appeal. Who could fail to be moved by the strains of "Rivers of Babylon" or "No Woman no Cry"? The tradition of steel bands in Jamaica adds to the wonderfully vibrant culture and forms the stirring rhythm and heartbeat of local life. Visit a local market and I defy you not to fall for the gorgeous basketwork and local crafts piled on every stall. Make sure to have your hair braided and beaded to truly get into the spirit of jolly Jamaica. Dinky wooden houses gaily painted in pastel shades look for all the world like Noddy or Big Ears should reside there! 

Holidays in Jamaica are all about the beaches though and the dazzling expanses of icing sugar sand in the resorts of Negril and Ocho Rios are just beautiful. Montego Bay (or Mo'Bay) has the distinction of being the second largest town after Kingston and has plenty of public beaches. A trip to the famous Dunn's River Falls, a wander through a sleepy local village, exploration of a restored Great House like Rose Hall or a quick stop at a roadside shack to sample some jerk pork or cool off with a Red Stripe beer or rum cocktail are all ways to enjoy a holiday in Jamaica. 

Columbus did not find Jamaica until 1494, so don't leave it another 500 years to see it for yourself. You will never forget your Jamaican holiday. Marvellous memories will be with you forever.  

We have a great selection of holidays from Ireland to Jamaica with resorts in Montego Bay, Negril and Ocho Rios. All our holidays include flights, transfers and a range of accommodation options.

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