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Destinations / City Breaks / Frankfurt

An airport that handles over 50 million passengers per year is a busy place and Frankfurt is second only to Heathrow as Europe's largest and busiest access hub.

The centre of Germany's financial and banking interests, the Bundesbank, European Central Bank and one of Europe's largest Stock Exchanges is located here. Germany's transport industry is situated in Frankfurt too, so the city is a huge employer. A jagged toothed skyline is testament to the many skyscrapers the city boasts, but modern architecture apart,  the Altstadt (Old Town) is beautifully and sympathetically restored. Well known for large Trade Fairs and international book shows, Frankfurt even hosts a fair to showcase musical instruments. 

Located on the river Main, the city is sometimes referred to as Frankfurt-am-Main (to distinguish it from the other Frankfurt in the state of Brandenburg) and has a genuine, real, life-sized forest in the centre of its cemented heart. Highlights of the city include St. Bartholomew's Gothic Cathedral, St. Paul's Church, the Old Opera House and Zeil shopping area.

A city that loaned its name to a humble hotdog, the eponymous frankfurter is a streetside staple and local favourite.

Frankfurt is certainly not a cultural desert either as there are many marvellous museums and galleries and a very vibrant dance music scene is the hottest ticket in town. The home of techno beat, the city is in serious contention with Berlin as Germany's number one cool spot.

A trendy city break choice, don't delay your trip to explore this fascinating German destination.


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